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Nest box 32 mm

Nest box 32 mm

Schwegler nest box, made from special wood-concrete. Entrance hole 32 mm
Schwegler Nistkasten für Meisen u.a.
Occupants: Great, blue, marsh, coal and crested tit, redstart, nuthatch, collared and pied flycatcher, wryneck, tree and house sparrows, bats.
Front panel easily removed for cleaning. It can be exchanged with other panels with different entrance hole sizes (for other bird types). Internal diameter 12 cm. Weight 3.6 kg. Includes loop for hanging up and special aluminium nail (does not damage trees). Can be left out all year. Hang up 1.8 to 3.5 m above ground, entrance hole pointing SE and protected against wind if possible.
Farbauswahl NistkastenDelivery time approx. 5-10 working days.
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