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Terra-S lawn edging system

Terra-S lawn edging system

Various examples of Terra-S
The edging system for professional landscaping and hobby gardeners. Rust-proof, weatherproof and robust. Manufactured of stainless steel, galvanized steel, corten steel or aluminium.

The Terra-S “Gartenprofil 3000” lawn border is a tidy and permanent way of setting edges for lawns, flower beds and paths. Trimming the edges with a spade is no longer necessary. The visible top edge of the profile is only 7mm wide.
Gartenprofil 3000 is easy to install without digging deep holes or making foundations.
The profiles can be easily adapted to the shape of flower beds, paths and lawns. Geometrical and round or curved shapes are also possible.
The Terra-S “Gartenprofil 3000” edging system also prevents the undesired spreading of roots and plants. This is especially important in so-called transition areas between the terrace or paving stones and the lawn.
• Profiles longer than 150 cm can be bent to a curve without breaking or kinking!
• Profiles are available in the following lengths: 240cm, 180cm, 120cm, 80cm, 30cm, height 15 cm, 20 cm or 30 cm.
• Available in stainless steel or galvanized steel (please ask about prices for the galvanized version).
• Custom lengths and heights are also available on request
Bolt the profiles together before installlation (bolts are provided). If the earth is hard or contains roots and plants, use a spade to prepare a furrow and remove the stones, roots and rubble.
Positioning rods (available as accessories) can be used to holds the profiles in the desired shape during installation (helpful above all for curved beds). Then insert the profiles with a soft hammer or edge knocker tool into the moist earth.
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